Excerpt from Possession - One.


In “POSSESSION - ONE”, Jim Hennessy  gradually feels drawn towards a  lifetime career of service as a consensual slave to one or two leather masters.


After service in the Army, he meets the German-American Weinhart brothers, Conrad and Dieter and definitely hard-core Masters in a leather bar in Boston. Needing experience, jim signs up with them for advanced lessons in their dungeon, including fucking…..

A quiver run through Jimboy’s body, although it probably seemed only a twitch on the outside. He didn't think he could stand much more. Maybe he’d made a mistake, signing on for so harsh a lesson. Maybe he was too much of a wimp. He tried to sag in the bondage, but he seemed glued to the cross. It didn't seem any time at all before Conrad was back, announcing himself by smacking the butt with a different implement.



"Next, I tenderize ass with special paddle. Maybe I show you later when you are bruised just so. We begin slowly. The count again, boy."

The paddle suddenly hit the trainee’s ass cheeks, each in turn. He counted aloud again, as Conrad began a steady rhythm, moving from side to side, varying the intensity. Of course, that kept the boy guessing, as his cheeks felt increasingly on fire. He couldn't really move at all, despite strenuous efforts to avoid the fucking paddle, and the bruising it was doing to another vulnerable part of his anatomy.

This time they got up to twenty, before a series of vicious blows set the novice howling, and Conrad chuckling in satisfaction as he ended. Both men were panting as the Master grasped the sub’s body, forcing his chest into the boy’s restrained back, with sweat sliding between the pair of them. Seizing the trainee’s hooded head, he swung it round so that he could enjoy a full tongued kiss. He was still panting slightly as his tongue slithered in and out of his victim’s gaping mouth.

He pulled out to whisper, "You have done well for me this evening, slave. Next, I reward you with hearty fucking. So, I towel off again and spray myself, just so. Here is water again. Then rest."

Boyjim did as he was told, gulping liquid held up to him eagerly, as his covered head and body sweated. He felt as though he had already served and suffered for hours on the wooden cross, yet his dick had started to quiver with excitement at the prospect of a fuck. It didn’t seem tired, like the rest of him. Still he knew to be careful not to cum without permission this time. He hung there in silence, apart from some heavy breathing, trying to conserve energy for the next bout of training.

The two brothers were enjoying themselves, laughing as they talked about him, in good spirits. They seemed pleased with the way their advanced training was working out. Conrad boasted "Our slave did good with butt-beating. It is now well bruised and fiery red."

"And chest flogging?" Dieter asked.

"Not as good but was first time. His flesh is still tender and moist. Some good fucks will start to develop muscles and made him into a real slave. Now I gather rubber, lube, and my gloves to give him full fuck."

Boyjim’s tired body felt a fresh shot of adrenaline as Conrad started to play with him, still well stretched on the cross. He'd heard the crackle of the foil, as the Master pulled out a rubber, even the grunt as he drew it over his shaft. The boy’s penis tried to respond in its rope prison. He needed it to be free.

"Please, sir, you said I'd been a good student. Permission to shoot my wad after you, sir."

"Fuck me, slave, you are cheeky boy. Well, you've done well tonight, so I agree. Shit, I need untie your cock first. Now that is done, let me lube up your hole with gloves on. One finger goes in, just so -- moves around."

The boy groaned in appreciation. "Thank you, Sir. May I have a second one, please, Sir."

"Second what? Where? Oh, you want more fingers up your hole poking around, eh?"

"Yes, Sir. Soon, with your training, I may be able to take three. However, two is enough for right now, thank you Sir. Shit, that feels good, Sir. Would you please use your fingers to spread me out, so I'll be ready for that thick penis of yours?"

Maybe he was groveling too much, but Boyjim was feeling excited, even if he couldn't move a muscle. Except in his ass, where Conrad was enjoying expanding his hole and the trainee was enjoying the sensation.

"Enough foreplay. I want action. Here comes my weapon straight in…"

The trainee groaned in pain pleasure "Thank you, Sir. Fuck, it surely is a big German wiener."

"Fuck you, pig. Any cheekier nonsense, I will pull out and leave us both unsatisfied."

Conrad was well inside the boy but waiting for his sub to fully accept him before he surged up the novice’s passage. Boyjim didn't think the threat to pull out was too serious. Still he started to moan and groan to encourage the Master, who grunted in return and pushed hard. He did have a large cock, and it had been a week since the trainee had felt him inside. So, like any good sub, he took several deep breaths and settled down to help the Dominant.

Conrad became all business, holding the boy tightly by his hips, thus providing a better angle to thrust further. They got into an easy rhythm. Soon the Master was plunging in and out, with the boy catching him on the down beat, using those newly developing ass muscles.

The Master moved his hands forward from Boyjim’s hips to see how the trainee’s cock was doing. His gloved fingers massaged the boy’s shaft skillfully, so that he jerked in place. That allowed Conrad to thrust further, while his chest began to slide up and down on the novice’s sweaty bleeding back. It should have hurt, but the boy suspected that the movement only made their rhythm more intense.

Boyjim could feel the Master’s breath on the back of his neck, as the other’s fingers agitated his prick. He even thought he could sense his Master’s nipples erecting, as they brushed on the cuts on his back. He wanted to keep this man inside him as long as possible. But he could feel his own climax approaching, as the Dominant squeezed his cockhead.

Fortunately, Conrad was in the same happy state. He suddenly roared out his climax. The boy felt something blast into the edges of his rubber. Less than a minute later Boyjim was shooting all over the gloved hand. The Master cupped his fingers to hold the oozing cream, as the trainee gurgled his triumph in turn.

Conrad had spread his legs and one arm wider to crush the novice further onto the cross. This now brought the full weight of his torso on top of the victim. Boyjim could feel the warm leather of breeches and boots against bare legs, roped as they were to the board.

They hung there together for several minutes, as the Dom’s cock in its rubber sheath slowly slid out of the sub. The Master grunted, lifting the hand covered with cum up to Boyjim’s lips, smearing the cream across and into his mouth. In return, the trainee stuck out his tongue to gather the last drops. Conrad pulled himself upright, slapped the ass cheeks he’d bruised and announced to the room, "This slave has makings of good fuck."

Leather Author: Alex Ironrod